Sciencewerk® (Design x Art) is a design studio based in Surabaya, Indonesia. We design identities, graphics, illustrations, websites, objects, and everything in-between. Our studio works to form a collective environment through collaborations with creative individuals from various disciplines to explore possibilities in combining design, art, and technology.

The studio's name originated from an online exhibition project that explored the intersection of art and science, specifically focusing on the topic of cloning in society. The exhibition brought together designers and digital artists from South East Asia back in 2008. In 2011, it took a leap forward, transitioning from a personal design practice initiated by the founder to the formal establishment of the Studio, known as Sciencewerk, in 2014. This marked the beginning of our journey into handling commercial projects and briefs, blending creativity and commerce seamlessly, exemplified by our debut project, Basha Market.

Since then, our studio has been on a local growth trajectory, engaging in numerous self-initiated and commercial projects. Our works and interviews have been featured in various international and local publications, including IDN Magazine, Computer Arts, 360° Design, Asia Pacific Design, The Jakarta Post, Under Consideration, PAGE Magazine, among others. We take pride in being part of these creative conversations and contributing our unique perspective to the diverse landscape of design.


New Business

Our clients & partners share the same design vision and spirit. We have worked with individual, startup, agencies, to corporations from various industry such as F&B, Real estate, Events, Hospitality, Fashion, Design, Arts, to Nonprofit Organizations. For business opportunity and design partnerships, write to or +62811305259.

Media & Invitation

Our studio love to share design images, projects, study cases, thoughts for everyone. For any media feature invites, high resolution images request, interesting project collaborations, interviews, workshops, or design submissions, please write directly to or +6281330355990.

Work & Internship

Our designers work on projects that matter and we are constantly on the search for creative minds from any backgrounds to join our family. Sciencewerk offers flexible working hours, challenging projects, and an open work environment. For both internship and fulltime applications please write to us at



  • Danis Sie

    Founder + Creative Director

    Danis Sie studied, worked, and grew in the vibrant city of Singapore, where he honed his skills in diverse projects blending the commercial and art fields. With previous roles at BLACK and the Ministry of Design Singapore, his portfolio gained recognition on various award and media platforms, including British D&AD, Under Consideration, IDN, 360°, and Crowbar Singapore. After several years in Singapore, he returned to Surabaya, where he founded a studio in 2011 and currently work as a creative director, leading the team. In his spare time, Danis engages in a botanical project called Specimenwerk, enjoys playing RPG games, listens to electronic music and trance, and draws inspiration from all science fiction genres.


  • Evelina K

    Partner + CoFounder

    Eve graduated in Switzerland with a major in Hospitality. She has previously worked in the event and hospitality industry, gaining experience with several international companies located in Switzerland, Dubai, and Jakarta. In addition to her professional endeavors, Eve is a part-time photographer. Having joined in 2014 as a co-founder and partner, she adeptly manages all aspects of life within the studio and nurtures relationships with both international and local clients.


  • Yosephine Azalia

    Partner + Art Director

    Yosephine, an art director and illustrator specializing in illustration branding, is a graduate of Petra University known for her dark, grotesque, and surreal contemporary illustrations. She consistently explores different drawing styles, infusing each with a conceptual storyline that goes beyond the ordinary mind. Her primary focus is on illustration branding, and she has been recognized as the creative mind behind the iconic Basha Market since 2014 and the UNIQLO Collaboration project "Feel The Sea."


  • Daniel Tjokro

    Spatial Designer

    Daniel is a designer based in Surabaya with a degree in Architecture. He is passionate about architecture, graphic design, and environmental graphics. His work covers a wide range of areas, including wayfinding, technical diagrams, spatial design, and environmental design. Despite the seriousness of his work, he finds inspiration deeply rooted in Korean music & culture.


  • Anneta Dewi

    Graphic Designer

    Anneta is an avid illustrator and graphic designer from Lombok Island. She grew up in Surabaya and graduated from Petra University. Her illustration style is consistently inspired by popular culture. In her free time, she also engages in artistic pursuits, working with watercolor illustrations and creating narrative-driven drawings as a Procreate artist.


  • Ramadhan Surya

    Graphic Designer
  • Josephine Wibowo

    Graphic Designer
  • Hanif Akhyar

    Graphic Designer
  • Felisia Nova

    Social Media Designer
  • Ridho Ibrahim

    3D & Graphic Designer


  • Devina Sugono

    Partner + Content Director

    Devina is a graduate from University of San Francisco. She is a corporate dissident who changed her career from handling Mergers & Acquisitions to one of conjuring. The resident dreamer, creative director and main contributor of the swearing jar. Enjoys writing and being a Grammar Nazi in her free time.


  • Erin Harsono

    Partner + Account Director

    Erin is a graduate from Academy of Art, San Francisco with background in Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling, she now gets her extra dose of adrenaline rush from marketing. On the field, she's known as Lady of the Iron Fist - the one who controls on-site production and brings concepts into a physical reality. She also runs a concept space Milieu based in Surabaya.


  • Marcella Widjaja

    Partner + Interior Design

    Resident interior designer graduate from Academy of Arts, San Francisco tasked with bringing your ​immaterial ideas into actuality. She brings her visions of space to life through the use of colors, textures and forms that tell a story. Also the owner of resident husky Anja.


  • Laura Handriyani

    Finance & Production

    Decoration and set mastermind with extensive experience in the wedding and expo ​industries. When she's not sprucing up the table setting she's on the prowl for new construction possibilities. Also the studio's full time budget controller and part time karaoke singer.